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Some humor from a Colorado Photographer

You know that saying, “If you’re tired of the weather in Colorado, just wait ten minutes”? Well, all of us Coloradans are experiencing the roller coaster of sun and warmth, then cold and snow. I will admit March is a hard month. I am beyond ready for sunshine, greenery, and the beginning of a busy photo season. Yesterday 60’s and sun, today 30’s and snow.


I needed a little pick me up today and came across these silly warning labels while digging through 10 years+ of photos I will soon be posting. I don’t know why, but they crack me up whenever I see them, and I wanted to share. Oh, and watch your fingers -that gate could crush them. (Thanks captain obvious.) Not funny enough for you? Well, did you see Between Two Ferns yet?

Karen & Visanu’s Vail Wedding

Karen & V shared their intimate wedding day in Vail, Colorado right on top of Vail Pass with only their families. They traveled from Chicago, Illinois and they both share an infinity for the Colorado outdoors. These two met on Match and they are an amazing pair! I loved the intimacy of their wedding day, and was so happy to spend time getting to know their families. We had the pleasure of spending a whole hour together, just the 3 of us and some gorgeous scenery. We explored Vail Pass, and the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. It is pretty rare to get this much time working with just the couple after the wedding ceremony and family portraits. I wish it happened more often, because then you end up with an array of stunning images to share for years to come. Thank you Karen and Visanu for having me as your wedding photographer, the good conversations, and teaching me some Thai traditions. Cheers to you!

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Becky & Jay Wedding ~ September 1st, 2012

Well, trying to merge my old blog with my new blog was a disaster! Everything got all kinds of ugly. So, I am re-posting the last 9 years of weddings. On the plus side, I get to revisit all these amazing weddings I have been so fortunate to photograph and to have been such an intimate part of. It’s like reliving each heartfelt day one image at a time.

So, pretend it’s winter time in late 2011. The wind is blowing… Okay, I don’t have that good of a memory but it helps with the setup. Becky and I met at a Starbucks near both our homes. We talked about being neighbors, the neighborhood, wedding stuff, and I recall quite a bit of laughter.  I was beyond elated when Becky said “We would love for you to be our photographer!”

In the months to come between their engagement session and their wedding day we quickly learned how much we all have in common. Becky a graphic designer which my husband once was, Jay an audio technician, and all of us- big fans of music and art. (The music thing actually ties into the story of how this cute couple met, their love for the Giggling Grizzly, the Blue Bird Theater and quite a few other Denver landmarks).

Months flew by and suddenly their wedding day was here! The day had a joyful and electric buzz to it you could feel the minute you walked into the room. Becky & Jay’s families were all smiles, their friends all laughs, and everyone was so welcoming. There are just too many good moments and photographs to share them all.

Their ceremony was so perfectly them. Music, love and the best of life. After the ceremony I was so thankful that we had some time to explore their stomping grounds throughout Denver. The wedding party was introduced, people toasted and the food was good. During the father daughter dance, Becky and her dad got loose and went all Chicago style on the celebrations. I look up from my camera and suddenly they are both wearing accents of Cubs gear dancing and singing the Cubs fight song ‘Go Cubs Go.’ I think the Rockies fans at the wedding let it slide, it being her wedding and all

I share some amazing memories with this great couple I am so lucky to now call friends. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out this awesome couple’s wedding. A big shout out to my wonderful 2nd Photographer and awesome assistant, Sara Ford.

Wedding Throwback- My First Wedding as THE Photographer – Circa 2005

When I converted to a new website and blog site, one thing kept nagging at me. . . How the heck am I going to get 9 years worth of work back onto my site and blog? Further more, how will it be cohesive with my more recent work? Well, a little inspiration was drawn from everyone’s Throwback Thursday. I decided to do a weekly post of a wedding from years past. Problem solved!

This is the first wedding I photographed; not as an assistant and with no one to help. I will never forget the pulsing sensation of adrenaline, nerves, and more nerves. Did I mention I was incredibly nervous??? Thank god for this easy going and fun couple, they put my mind to ease rather quickly. Looking back now, I realize how much I have learned. Crazier still- seeing how I have evolved as a photographer and artist over the last 9 years. So cheers- to me sharing a glimpse of my journey as a wedding photographer with you. This wedding was photographed with my (now) husband’s Nikon D70, the camera that began my career!

Another fun fact: Their officiant was in a band called Skanking Pickle back in the day.

Things I know now, that I wish I would have known or had then:

  1.  All cameras are pretty much equal, but a high quality lens makes a world of difference.
  2. Always ALWAYS shoot RAW. (My college teachers really did know what they were talking about).
  3. Allow enough room for cropping when shooting the image. Let the subjects breath in the frame of the photograph.
  4. Adobe Lightroom™- This one piece of software has saved me countless hours culling, editing, color correcting, cropping, and retouching.
  5. Photoshop Actions that I use now to speed up the retouching process.
  6. Knowing all the truly important shots that really matter to a couple.
  7. White balance… Thought I knew then, but now I know how off it was looking at these photographs on a calibrated monitor.
  8. Always get a contract from your clients… Teeheee! I went looking for theirs for their exact wedding date and don’t have one. Too funny