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Crow Jane Jewelry – Jewelry for the Real Bride

I might be a touch bit biased, the designer and mastermind behind Crow Jane Jewelry is a very dear friend of mine. We met years ago slinging drinks and burgers at The Hornet Restaurant. I would often catch her whispering words to me about her ‘master plan’. We still giggle about her master plan- she’s been mentioning it for the last 7 years! Well, she has done it. She has worked her ass off to do what she is so deeply passionate about, jewelry creation and design.

Jessica Thomas is an insanely talented woman who wears many shoes. She is a certified masseuse, a freelance interior designer, and a true artisan with her mediums of metal, stones, and gems. She is a busy woman who finds time to be a wonderful friend, mother, and wife. How she finds time for it all still baffles me. Whenever I am insanely busy and feel overwhelmed, I channel the Zen of Jessica- it usually puts things into perspective for me.

While we would like to think the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line, that isn’t how things typically work out in the real world. Life is funny, sometimes we have to take a really long, trying, and adventurous drive to end up at our final destination, but I’d like to think we all get there eventually. Jessica nailed it, her master plan has finally blossomed after years of hard work. What started as a small Etsy shop where she sold her jewelry has grown into sales at shows such as the Horseshoe Market in Denver and the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago and San Fransisco. You can find her designs at local shops such as Soul Haus, Ironwood, and quite a few other boutiques throughout the U.S. She is simply brilliant!

Jessica has been making jewelry since she was a little girl. Her time spent in art school only fanned the flame for her passion of jewelry making and design. She hasn’t stopped since. She is inspired by native and ancient cultures and this beautiful planet we live on. She truly and wholeheartedly loves what she does.

Her pieces are like some I have never seen. There is a balance of earth and industrialism in every piece. There is a true yin and yang of masculine and feminine design and qualities. She uses a combination of assembly and metal-smithing in all her work. She loves to incorporate different techniques to keep things interesting. Sometimes she is inspired by hardware and assembly, and sometimes she just wants the raw piece of metal to speak. In any case, she makes almost everything by hand. The Crow Jane aesthetic combines organic findings with machined elements. She uses shapes of ancient cultures to create a geometric expression of the dichotomy between nature and industry. Jessica is Crow Jane Jewelry in every sense.

So what does all this have to do with your wedding? Well, I think you would look damn good walking down the isle wearing one, or many, of her unique pieces. Thinking about getting gifts for the gals in your wedding party? I don’t know too many women that don’t love jewelry, especially jewelry this stunning.

product photos by: Crow Jane Jewelry
all other photos by: Amanda Baker Photography